”At the first touch of Winter,Summer fades away” 1897

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Moon Nymph by Luis Ricardo Falero

Peregrine Falcon on Flickr.

Wehrmacht Corporal (Unteroffizier), 1939-1940
01 - M-35 field jacket with Unteroffizier’s insignia02 - M-35 steel helmet with Heeres markings03 - Zeltbahn M-31 tent cloth in “Splittermuster” camo04 - Grey (“Steingrau”) trousers05 - leather belt06 - anti-mustard gas cloth07 - M-38 gas mask08 - M-24 grenade09 - black leather ammo pouches10 - M-31 aluminium canteen11 - boots12 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle13 - Seitengewehr 84/98 bayonet14 - wire cutting shears 

Golden amphora, 4th century BCE. Part of the Panagyurishte Treasure, this extraordinary Thracian artefact was uncovered accidentally in 1949 by three brothers who were digging for clay to make bricks. Note the centaur-shaped handles.
Courtesy of & currently located at the National Historical Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo taken by vintagedept.

Albert Arthur Allen 1930


What does it mean?

Often shortened to ‘Carthago delenda est’, it is best translated as ‘furthermore, it is my opinion that Carthage must be destroyed’. For those following along with latin at home, that’s a passive periphrastic phrase.

Who said it?

Cato the Elder…