Saint Thomas, 1514, Albrecht Dürer

I’ve never done much, but I’ve lived my whole life thinking of myself as the only real man. And if I’m right, then a limpid, lonely horn is going to trumpet through the dawn some day, and a turgid cloud laced with light will sweep down, and the poignant voice of glory will call for me from the distance — and I’ll have to jump out of bed and set out alone. That’s why I’ve never married. I’ve waited, and waited, and here I am past thirty.
- Yukio Mishima

The remote village of Stykkið on the west coast of Faroe Islands (by patano)

Ancient Greek Dog Rhyton, c. 340-325 BC
Molded into the shape of a Laconian dog, the rhyton comes from the ancient Greek colony of Apulia, in what is now southern Italy. The vessel was designed with a wide mouth at one end, with the other pierced with a small hole.
It is believed that the cup would have been used to scoop wine from a larger carrier, blocking the hole with a thumb, before releasing again to let the fluid drain out. The stunning item bears the trademark style of ancient Greece, painted in black over terracotta.
In the Meadows

Green is Good by rhettkoe

by Viktoria-a...

Ukrainian Insurgent Army reenactment 

Matsumoto Castle